If you’ve had lymph nodes removed, you may be at risk for a condition that causes swelling in your arm, hand and fingers.  Learn how you can prevent and/or cope with lymphedema.

What is Lymphedema

What is Lymphedema after breast cancer and what you can do about it.

Signs of Lymphedema

A discussion about the signs of lymphedema after breast cancer surgery.

Lymphedema is Manageable

Breast cancer surgery rehab specialist says it’s never to late to manage lymphedema.

Breast Cancer and Loss of Motion

What you can do to help loss of motion after breast cancer surgery.

Reducing Risk of Lymphedema

Lymphedema expert Rachel Fey Larsen gives tips for reducing risk of lymphedem after breast cancer surgery.

Breast Cancer Compression Sleeve

Brenda Coffee and Breast Cancer Sisterhood talks to Susan Pollack about lymphedema and compression sleeves.

What is a Compression Sleeve

Breast cancer surgery rehab expert describes compression sleeves for arms and hands and benefits.

Breast Cancer and Lymphedema Sleeve

Learn why a lymphedema sleeve can prevent and/or help with lymphedema.

Fitting a Lymphedema Sleeve

Lymphedema expert shows how to find the right compression sleeve after breast cancer surgery.

Lymphedema and Axillary Cording

Breast cancer rehab expert discusses lymphedema, axillary cording and stretches

Lymphedema Stretching Exercises

Rehabilitation exercises for lymphedema after breast cancer surgery.

Lymphedema Wand Exercise

Lesson on how to cope wth lymphedema by doing the Wand Exercise

Exercises After Breast Cancer Surgery

Rehab expert Rachel Fey Larsen gives pulley exercises to stretch tissues after breast cancer surgery.

Lymphedema and Self Massage

A tutorial showing how to do self massage to control lymphedema.

Finding a Lymphedema Specialist

Where to find a lymphedema specialist in your area.