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Breast Cancer Fundraiser~

Hello my beauties~

So I have a story to tell you all today. Friday and Saturday night I volunteered for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. It was one of those Haunted Houses. ūüôā I got to dress up as a female vampire. A “Draculina” if you will. It was so much fun!! It was actually suggested by my Select Theatre class in school.¬†

The best part of the whole ordeal was that it was an independent fundraiser by an elderly couple and their grandson. Bless their hearts for it, but unfortunately there wasn’t much¬†advertising¬†beforehand. What did that mean? We didn’t get to many “victims” to scare and; therefore, not a lot of money for the cause.

But you know…

That’s not the point. The amount of money raised? Yes, it’s nice and makes a difference; however, what’s more important was the fact that these kind people went out of their way to sacrifice a weekend for helping find the cure. It was a small gesture, but every amount of love is needed.¬†

It makes my heart so very happy to know that such goodness is alive today!! It’s warming to know that people care. I’m not sure what the grand total raised was, but I do know that we had so much fun doing what we love for one of the greatest causes I know.¬†