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Where I Go to Meditate

If you’re a regular reader then you know I embrace hypnosis, meditation and Guided Imagery as some of the most powerful weapons in our cancer-fighting…
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Off to the Races!

©Ramborella, LLC. All rights reserved. Last week I shot the pilot for a national television talk show with me as the host, and I must…
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Me, a Talk Show Host?

©Ramobrella, LLC. All rights reserved. Who would have ever thought I might have my own national TV talk show? Stranger things have happened… I believe…
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The Healing Power of Music

The other night I watched a rerun of Diane Sawyer’s interview with former US Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords, and her astronaut husband, Mark Kelley. The interview…
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Stories We Tell Ourselves

©Survivorship Media Network, LLC  All rights reserved. Regardless of where we are in life or, what we do for a living, we each have our…
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Join the Army of Women

Like my friend and fellow breast cancer blogger, AnneMarie at Chemobrain…In the Fog, I am a fan of Dr. Susan Love, breast surgeon, author of…
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