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I recently read a personal essay by Phillip Lopate about friendship. It was an extraordinary essay that was very well written; however, there was an element that I did not agree with. “Friends can’t be your family, they can’t be your loves, they can’t be your physiatrists. But they can be your friends, which is plenty,” (Riverside Reader, p. 279-280). From a logical standpoint, I can understand what Lopate is getting across. From an emotional standpoint; however, as a very emotional thinker myself, such “logic” isn’t comprehensible.

I’m not critiquing this man’s writing. How could I? Who am I in comparison to a professional writer? I am just an emotional writer and thinker. I write about subjects from the heart, and where has that gotten me?

I bring this quote up to write about something truly emotional for me: friendship. Why do I disagree with this singular quote? Why does it upset me so? Experiences with my best friend Ashley have made be believe an opposing opinion.   

Ashley has been my best friend since the 6th grade and we are able to talk about anything and everything. She has helped me become who I am today by playing many important roles in my life. Not only is she the best friend, but she is also the wise, older sister I never had, the mother, the teacher, and the open arms that I can always hold onto and cry when I don’t know where to turn. She has been a great impact and influence on me from the moment we met up to now. 

We all have values that have been influenced by loved ones, family, significant others, and the like. That is what makes these opinions so personal and important to us. We all have that one person who means the most to us. Granted, we have our ups and our down; however, there is nothing better than those good “ups”. Those moments are what should be cherished whether they are for a life time or a short while. Love the ones your with every day, and tell them how much they mean to you.