Welcome breast cancer sisters, family and friends. We hope to make this chapter of your life a little easier, treatment less difficult, help families cope, provide inspiration and guide you to a new place of strength and purpose.

God Knows Our Needs

©Brenda Coffee.  All rights reserved.

I believe God knows our needs before we do.  Soon after I was diagnosed, I wondered if God thought I needed breast cancer.  I would rather have had a grilled cheese sandwich or a good hair day, but I thought about it, and decided this was not about my having breast cancer.  It was about my relationship with God.  Even though I talk to God every day, there was something lacking, on my part, with our relationship.

James 4:8 says, Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.”  I know that to be true.  I have felt His grace, strength and mercy.  He wants us to talk to Him, not just to ask for help, but to share our joy and let Him know how grateful we are, even for the little things.  I do not know how people get through something like breast cancer without the love of God and a great church family.  I cannot express what their cards and words of encouragement have meant to me.  When they said they were praying for me, I knew they were.  I felt it.

A few months ago I was in a store, and somehow, the saleslady and I exchanged stories.  I learned her husband had cancer.  Before I left, I asked her his name and said I would pray for him.  A few days later, I got a card from her.  Evidently, she had gone home and shared our conversation, that I wanted to pray for him, and he told her she had just met an angel.  Those sentiments still make me humble, and my eyes well with tears.

Everyone around me and James has been our angels.  I would not have known how to minister to that woman, or have received that precious card from her, if it had not been for the gifts of love and prayer that had come my way, beforehand.  So I thank all of you, for what you have given us, and what I hope in some small way to give to you, dear sisters, and I thank God for this incredible journey.