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James is My Rock

©Brenda Coffee. All rights reserved.

Sometimes I need someone to talk me in off the ledge. You know, those situations where you are convinced a simple medical procedure will turn up something fatal. At my house we call that something “elbow cancer.” That’s when I ignore all known and relevant information and choose to believe an ingrown toenail is proof I have elbow cancer.

I can get so far down that road I begin to think about possible candidates to be James’s next wife, or that we shouldn’t build a new house because if I “go” before James, he would rather live on the ranch in the Little House as opposed to living there in a big new house with the Little House as the guest casita, because if he were there alone, he would rather live in the Little House but instead would sell the whole thing and start over somewhere else with something smaller. Did I lose you? This is an example of needing someone to talk me in off the ledge and help me see things from a different perspective. By the way, I only do this when it comes to my own health issues. Tell me Mars is on a collision course with Earth or the new girl in marketing promised to deliver 1,000 widgets a month when we can only produce 100, and I will calmly assimilate the data and find a way to fix it.

All of us can get so personally involved that for whatever reason, we can’t find our way out of the maze and need to have someone point it out. For me that person is James. He helps me reconnect the dots and get back on track and for him that person is me. While we are quite capable of being captains of our own ships, we are not afraid to step aside and let the other take the wheel when we need a hand.

Successful people are frequently successful because they see things the way they are, not the way they would like them to be, or the way they used to be, but the way things really are.  Successful people then base their decisions on that reality, not the one hanging off the ledge. When I don’t have elbow cancer, I like to think I am a successful glass half full person who knows how to look at the big picture.

In other words sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield. Today you may be the one who needs to be rescued from the ledge, and the next day you may be the rescuer.