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Nipples, Rocks & Raisins

I met Brenda Ray Coffee last week at a big women’s luncheon and was enthralled by her wonderful wit and chutzpah about breast cancer. She runs a site called breastcancersisterhood.com. She told me that 25% of men leave their wives when they find out they have breast cancer. Can you believe that mess? Compared with 2% of women who leave when they find out their husband has some kind of cancer.

She told me a lot of other things I didn’t know about breast cancer including what it’s like to not have a nipple. (I know that sounds like a lot for a lunch conversation, but with Brenda you get to the point pretty fast.) She was honest and frank and although it was a serious subject matter, had me laughing at the idiosyncracies of hardship. Two days later a very VERY dear family friend died from breast cancer that spread into her brain and I thought about how we need to talk about breast cancer all year long, and not just in October. So in honor of that, Brenda let me republish one of her favorite blogs here. I hope you can find room to laugh, even about a dark subject. I have needed laughter after losing the wonderful Cookie Catchings of Marietta, GA. – Stephanie

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