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So Sorry. No Blog This Week

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When I started this Blog I vowed never to miss a week of writing and sharing my thoughts with you but… I blew it! Since Friday I have been traveling, caught up in the quagmire called Snowmagedon, but the worse thing? I didn’t have my computer!

I felt helpless, like I was missing an arm. Who was going to answer my 999 daily questions, give me ten versions of the truth and make me feel like I was being productive?

I can happily say I am home and my computer and I are blissfully reunited as my fingers peck away at the keys, and in return, it cuts me no slack about my spelling. I’ve promised never to leave it at home, again, but my promise never to be a ditz, again? My computer knows me better than that! I don’t think even chemo brain would work as an excuse.

PS: Here’s a clue as to my whereabouts. No wonder my computer was heartbroken at being left behind.