Welcome breast cancer sisters, family and friends. We hope to make this chapter of your life a little easier, treatment less difficult, help families cope, provide inspiration and guide you to a new place of strength and purpose.

Pass Your Power Forward

A recent Newsweek headline proclaimed, “Women Will Rule the World.”
Except for countries where women are abused and treated worse than livestock, I believe women already rule the world. The Internet and Social Media has harnessed our collective voices and given us the power to fly higher and faster than at any other time in history. Whether it’s in areas of health and wellness, or managing families and governments, hundreds of millions of female voices are converging daily, in solidarity. We’re long past the stage of burning bras as rallying cries of rebellion and oppression. We’re actively empowering one another with our voices, determination and most of all, choices. Personally, your voices have inspired and comforted me and given me more than I ever dreamed.

BRENDA’S BLOG has allowed me to make new friendships and nurture old ones. Your loving, supportive words uplift me, and I hope, in some small way, I give something back to you as well. Some of you have told me I’ve been a lifeline and, for that, I am profoundly grateful and humbled. I am so aware of the power of a single voice. I feel a sense of responsibility, knowing that I have come into your life, that you are reading my words and incorporating some of them into your daily lives.

Because of Social Media, I have a new appreciation for how strong and amazing women are. Whether we’ve lost a breast or a child, dissolved a marriage or a business, we find the inner strength to make it through life’s storms, sometimes one after the other. And when we’re physically crushed and emotionally crippled, unable to get our bearings and sort through the wreckage, we find a helping hand. As though sent by God, Internet friends, who once were strangers, help us view things in a different light and remind us we are stronger for having survived our trials.

Yesterday James and I, plus my two best girlfriends since high school and their husbands, traveled from different cities to a housewarming party given by yet another girlfriend and her husband in another city, both from our high school. It was a reunion of four strong, independent women whose lives have taken us in different directions. You would like them. It was a reminder that while we all have different families of origin, diverse political beliefs and our own unique sense of style, in many regards, we are the same woman. And like all of you, they empower me.

Difficult times breed incredible strength. Where did you get your superpower? Is it genetic; do you give credit to God; did you discover it when you birthed your children; did if flow intravenously when you had chemo, or maybe it came from a big zap of radiation? I want you to know how strong you are, help you find your voice whether it’s at your doctor’s office, day job, or speaking out about things that matter most to you.

We each have the power to make a difference, change a life, ask for forgiveness and make new beginnings. I challenge all of you to harness your strengths and pass them on to someone else this week, to encourage, support, compliment and even challenge them to do better. We all have choices to make; some are more complex than others: Should I have children, enter the workplace, retire or stop chemotherapy? It’s not the individual choices but what we do with them that matters most.

Step out of the shoes you’ve been wearing and into the pair you’ve always wanted to wear. Step out of your comfort zone, and become your new normal, then pass that ability on to someone else.