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September 11th… 10 Years Later

Hello my Beauties~

Where were you ten years ago on September 11th, 2001? I was in the 1st grade. Like most of my peers, I don’t remember exactly what happened. I remember that I asked my dad if I could watch Godzilla, since it was on T.V. at the time. My mom says that I thought the attacks were actually part of the movie, with buildings being destroyed left and right. I was so young. It was a month before my first sister was born. I think of her birth now as a way to distract my family from the horrors that occurred one month prior. 

It’s was a horrific event. Words cannot even describe…

Ten years later, thousands gathered at the memorial today. In my youth group, we discussed what we believed the purpose of the attacks were. We came to the conclusion that it was to break apart our country. It was an attempt to tear the people away from what we stood for as a Nation. What they did was in vain. This tragedy brought out country closer together than it ever had before. We stood together. And ten years later, we honor those who died with great love and respect. 

God Bless America.