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The Best Bras in the World

Cynthia Good, CEO PINK Magazine, Susan Nethero, Founder,
Intimacy & Brenda Coffee, CEO, BreastCancerSisterhood.com

Over the years, I’ve owned some great looking bras. Many were lacy; some were see-through and one, bought in Paris, was hand sewn with pearls and looked like something made for Marie Antoinette. I loved that bra, and often thought the only thing I was missing was a powdered wig, lots of rouge and a skirt as wide as the Arch de Triomphe. Since breast cancer, however, I’ve only owned three bras, and two of those were surgical bras with heavy-duty Velcro straps and closure devices like they came from the hardware store. Because my breasts have each gone from zero to forty and back again, bra shopping’s been low on my priority list until reconstruction surgery was over. Now, after ten breast cancer surgeries, I met “the bra whisperer.”

Susan Nethero, otherwise known as The Bra Whisperer, has an amazing approach to fitting women with the right bra. Susan, and her team of experts, at her Intimacy boutiques around the country can just look at you and instinctively know which bras are best for you. Not better than the one you came in wearing, but better than any bra you’ve ever worn.

From the moment we started, Helen, my fitter, seemed more interested in my back than my breasts. That was surprise number one. Surprise number two was she didn’t use a measuring tape and didn’t care what size I’d been wearing. In a few minutes Helen had gathered together several bras, and each one fit me like it was custom made.

Helen brought in a nude bra with a scalloped edge around the bottom, a black bra with beautifully stitched circular patterns along the straps and a white see-through bra with iridescent swirls scattered across the fabric. The see-through also had a tiny bow in the middle with a pearl on the end of each tie—a bra befitting Madame Antoinette. Then there was the aqua demi-cup with an embroidered rose pattern on the mesh overlay and the purple silk with cream lace. Without fail, every bra Helen brought into the fitting room was perfect on me: The hook and eye strap didn’t ride up in the back, causing the front cups to tilt toward the sun, and the straps didn’t cut into my shoulders. The best part was there was no back fat with any of them: that extra roll that hangs over and/or protrudes under the back strap of our bras, a sure sign to everyone we need to loose a few pounds.

When Helen pulled out a sports bra, I shook my head and said I wore a surgical bra. “My implant dropped midway between where it should have been and my navel,” I told her, “and fearing a third surgery to put it back where it belonged, I wear a surgical bra nearly every day.” In case you’re wondering, breast surgery is not as much fun as you might think, so I’ve made sure the girls are strapped down, buckled up and are not going anywhere, ever. However, after visiting Susan Nethero’s store, my two surgical bras and the one with the ill fitting cups went into the trash. I left Intimacy with nine bras! N-I-N-E!

Whether you’ve had breast cancer, or not, you have to find one of Susan’s many Intimacy stores around the country. Visiting her store was like finding an unexpected oasis in the middle of the Sahara desert. Yes… I realize nine bras are a little over the top, but I was thirsty! Since I have a breast cancer website, do you suppose these bras will be tax deductible?