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The only time I’ve ever seen my mom vulnerable was when she was going through her breast cancer treatment. That was the first time she didn’t have control. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now that I do, it’s a pretty scary thing.

I’ve never felt vulnerable before. I’ve never had to trust someone with my life when it wasn’t it my control. I’ve never known what it’s like to be afraid of what tomorrow does or does not hold.

But looking at my mom then, and looking at her now, I see a different woman. I think being vulnerable, letting ourselves be vulnerable, changes us. It takes us to a place where we have never been so afraid before, but we come out of it even more beautiful than we ever thought possible. It teaches us to trust people. And when you have someone you can trust, you gain a confidence you didn’t know was there.

I think at a point in all of our lives we feel vulnerable. It is one of the scariest feelings in the world, but it’s one of those that we have to have in order to make that next step in our lives. To let go of all control, to trust someone else with who your life, will only help you find yourself even more.

My mom was 47 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even then she was still becoming even better than I ever thought possible. And she still is, every day.

Being vulnerable, being afraid, is not a challenge. It is an opportunity. It is for us to surprise ourselves with how cool the world can be when we put faith in total strangers. These emotions were given to us for a reason, so why not take advantage? Why not truly feel what they are like?