Welcome breast cancer sisters, family and friends. We hope to make this chapter of your life a little easier, treatment less difficult, help families cope, provide inspiration and guide you to a new place of strength and purpose.


The experts

“Despite the scientific advances in breast cancer research, the fear that grips a woman when given that diagnosis is still palpable. At such times, I cannot empathize with my patient by telling her that I know how she feels, but the women on the BreastCancerSisterhood.com and Brenda’s Blog DO know how she feels…and how to survive.”
—Dr. James Martin, past president & chairman of the American Board of Family Medicine & past president & chairman of the American Academy of Family Physicians

“Brenda Ray Coffee’s personal cancer experience infuses the BreastCancerSisterhood with sensitivity and a practical, real-world approach to coping with the impact of breast cancer on the lives of women and their families/support systems. She offers positive, encouraging and humorous opportunities to learn how to better manage breast cancer and to live with courage and appreciation for the gift that is each day of life!”
Lisa L. Powell, MS, RD, Director of Nutrition, Canyon Ranch


“When I first went on BreastCancerSisterhood.com, I remember thinking about all the patients I’m honored to care for who would benefit from the amount of support provided.”
Dr. Sharon Wilks, hematologist and medical oncologist with Cancer Care Centers of South Texas

Website users

“I love how you take something that could be such a difficult situation and approach it with such a positive and innovative attitude.” Diana

“I came across your web site last week and I have read every blog. You make me feel like I can be normal and fight breast cancer at the same time. I was recently diagnosed with a met in my back at 61/2 years out from 1st diagnosis and I needed some humor and hope. Thanks,” Mary

“I am visiting from Lynnette’s Blog and I love your site. I have already read about 5 of your posts and plan to continue reading as many as I can in the time that I have. You have made them all so interesting and I need the info now. Thanks. It’s nice to receive such a gift as you have given me.” Rae

“What a great photo and excellent post! What you say about children smiling so easily is true (my youngest smiles non-stop), how sad we let often let that fade away. Thanks for the reminder to choose to smile (and laugh) more often.” Tara

“What an amazing blog you have here. I am 32; last January I found a lump in my breast but it was not cancer. I thank God for that every day. However, it has made me very aware of all of the women that don’t get the same answer that I did. I am so glad that I found your blog today. I can’t wait to read more of your posts.” Amy